Display Advertising

Reach more local prospects with targeted display advertising.

Our powerful and effective display advertising system is designed to grow client website visits by reaching highly targeted, dynamic local audiences. Our system identifies this audience based on their online behavior and many other factors through various targeting methods, and is able to serve millions of timely and appropriate ad impressions across many different internet exchanges, including Google, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook, mobile exchanges, and many others, all to stimulate interest in our clients’ communities.

Highly targeted ads are designed and displayed for your local area, delivered to many internet websites using the following strategies:

Contextual Retargeting

By targeting users based on the category and content of the website page that they are visiting, which are designated as relevant to your business.

Keyword Level Search Retargeting

Our system collects user search data and serves your ads to them as they browse the web at a later date - based on the keywords they were interested in.

Site Retargeting

Showing site visitors your ads after leaving your community's site based on the products/services/pages they viewed as they perform other online activities, with the intent to attract the visitor back to take the desired action.


Our system builds “acquisition profiles” of internet users across all of the exchanges we operate in based on their historical activity, and serves your ads to them on various websites they visit.

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